Hero and Zombie! Pro 1.0.5

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hero and zombie **->LIVEWALL PAPER<-**

----Message from Developer.--------------

Hello Dear Zombie Fans,
Thank you for you interest in Hero and Zombie!

Currently the Hero and Zombie! project is on hold. The main reason for this decision was because I am shifting my focus to a much larger project I have in the works. Heroes and Zombies! (Yes Plural).

However, don't let this stop you from purchasing this app! My future plans are to create a portal between the Live Wallpaper and my Website. Where I will be hosting Heroes and Zombies. A game where you and your friends can hop on at anytime and play together, or go your separate ways.

As you can imagine, designing a game from ground up takes time, but most importantly $$Money$$. As Cranial Acid, consist of only one person (myself - 2d artist) you can only imagine the headaches of finding somebody talented, dedicated, and reasonably priced who is able to program the logic for me.

Your donations are the world to this project. Please keep them coming in.

Try and stay tuned to the website because I will be updating it with future features I plan to include. I will also be listening closely to the wants/needs of the community. So don’t hesitate to drop me an email. I check it everyday.

Thanks for everything!
Cranial Acid Development Team (me)

------end message from developer-----

----------HOW TO USE------------------
This is a LIVE WALLPAPER/game.
Set it up as you would normally set up a live wallpaper.
2.Choose LiveWallpaper
3.Choose Hero Zombie, Set number of zombies (press back)
4.Set Wallpaper and Enjoy


Watch as the Hero defends himself from the Zombies!
Tap Zombies to shoot them from a distance,
Tap fast when they are close for a quick attacks.
You can move if no zombies are around by tapping an empty area.
Switch weapons by swiping up and down on your hero.
Run away if you have less than 3 health bars.

Next update schedules for release on *5/10/2011

*depending if the programmer I hired actually completed the job and subject to change


keywords: live wall paper, game, retro, old school, 8 bit, nes, nintendo, mario bros, shooter, halo, rpg, role playing, zombies, super hero

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